Nava Grahas (Nine Planets) & their Significations in Vedic Astrology

There are nine grahas (planets) in Vedic Astrology. In India, people perform pooja to Nava Grahas installed as Murthis (images) in temples. We can find Nava graha murthis in Siva temple as well as in Kali/Shakti temple.
The most famous Nava Graha (nine planet) temples are in Tamil Nadu. They are as follows:  

1. Surya – Tirumangalakkudi or Sooriyanar Kovil
2. Chandra  – Tingaloor
3. Angaarakan (kuja)  – Vaitheeswaran Kovil
4. Budha  – Thiruvenkaadu
5. Guru  – Aalangudi
6. Sukra – Kanjanoor
7. Shani – Tirunallar
8. Raahu – Tirunageswaram
9. Ketu  – Keezhperumpallam

Each and every planet has their own significations as follows:

Planet Significations
Surya (Sun) Father, Soul, Power, Paternal relations, Royal, angry, Lord Shiva Temples, Masculine, Gold, Ruby
Chandra (Moon) Mother, Mind, Water, Emotions, Memory, Sea bath, White colour, Silver, Pearls
Kuja (Mars) Brothers,Sisters, Military command, Brave,Wounds, Sports, Courageous, Masculine, Blood Red colour, Red Coral
Budha (Mercury) Speech, Vishnu Pooja, Teaching, Intelligence, Communication, Green colour, Emerald
Guru (Jupiter) Wisdom, Wealth, Children, Knowledge of Vedas, Yagna, Philosophy, Religion, Masculine, Yellow colour, Yellow Sapphire
Sukra (Venus) Wife, Romance, Luxuries, Vehicles, Clothes, beauty, Poetry, Marriage, Prosperity, Feminine, Fine arts, White colour, Diamond
Sani (Saturn) Selfish, Dangers/Accidents, Diseases, Lazy, Difficulties, Labour, Fear, Lottery and Gambling, Iron, Blue Sapphire
Rahu (Dragon’s Head) Smoky appearance, forests, foreign places, Black, Hessonite (Gomedhikam)
Ketu (Dragon”s Tail) Religious, Spirituality, Occultism, Cat’s eye (Vaiduryam)

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