Frequently Asked Questions by Readers / Clients are updated in this section.

FAQ's on Astroguide Site

1. What is Astroguide?

Ans. Astroguide is all about Astrology, Numerology and Vaasthu. Astroguide is a Personal Guide and Life Coach for its clients.

2. When was Astroguide site started and what is its purpose?

Ans. Astroguide was started as a Blog in the year 2011. The purpose of this site is to bring the important principles of Astrology to general public and students.

3. What are the services offered by Astroguide?

Ans. Astroguide offers personal Horoscope Readings, Numerology reports and Vaasthu Consultations. Consultations are available at Chennai Office and through Telephone only.

FAQ's on Astroguide

1. Who is Astroguide?

Ans. Suresh Kumar is the Astroguide. He has expertise in Astrology, Numerology and is an expert Vaasthu consultant.

He is an Astrologer by destiny. To his credit, he got awards from prestigious institutions like ICAS, All India Association of Stellar Astrologers etc, as Jyotish Praveena, Jyotish Visharad and Jyotisha Adithya.

2. How accurate are his predictions?

Ans. Most of the predictions given by Suresh Kumar are accurate.

3. Do you visit our places?

Ans. Astroguide Suresh Kumar has scheduled visits to different Indian Cities and his schedule is widely published in the website and other Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter.

Astroguide Suresh Kumar frequently visits to Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

4. Any Testimonials from clients?

Ans. Astroguide has lot of Testimonials. Some of the Testimonials are published in the Testimonials page. Due to client confidentiality, all testimonials are not published in the site. However, if anybody wishes to know about the predictions and its results, they are welcome to contact directly.

5.  Since, I am consulting you first time, how can I believe you?

Ans. Many people came as first time clients and retained as permanent clients after getting benefits from my predictions. Faith and Trust plays the important role in contacting any Astrologer. If you believe your inner voice / intuition, then you can contact me immediately or else you can take any known reference.

FAQ's on Consultation

  1. Do you give free consultations?

Ans. No free consultations are available.

2. How can I take consultation?

Ans. Consultation Fees and procedure is mentioned in our site under 'Consultations' page. The Consultation fees must be paid before the Appointment date and time.

3. How many days, will it take to fix appointment after payment is made?

Ans. Appointment will be fixed with in one or two days after receipt of payment into our bank account.

4. What is the Consultation time?

Ans. Consultation time is fixed according to the mutual consent i.e. convenient timing for both. Horoscope Reading may take from 10 minutes to half an hour also. Timing varies from person to person. However, most of the important questions will be answered.

FAQ's on Predictions

1. Do you satisfy me with your predictions?

Ans. I am a Professional Astrologer and will give predictions according to your Birth Horoscope. The main motive of giving predictions is to guide the people in astrological way, irrespective of satisfaction of the clients. Genuine Predictions will be given after analysing the horoscope. However, all the important queries will be answered.

2. In which language, do you give predictions?

Ans. Predictions will be given in any of the four languages (English, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi) according to your choice.

3. Can you send predictions through email or Whatsapp?

Ans. I am giving predictions on Direct Consultation or by Phone only.