8 thoughts on “Mantras”

    1. Dear Praveen Kumar, Mantras for specific purpose should be given by one’s Guru only. However, i can give some tips to get the job. You can feed crows and do pradakshina of navagrahas in a shiva temple. regards

  1. Dear Suresh Kumar!!! Please, help me to understand… I am high educated, ethnically Russian, follow Hindu religion… I have a Avatar star in 1 house of my Vedic chart… Can I officially married with Brahmin, somebody from priesthood? Thank for your opinion.

    1. Dear Shiva, Ganesh mantras are good for prosperity. Please chant Ganesh Mantra daily at the same time & same place. regards

  2. I know very well, that one of my neighbor does black magic on my house. He keep doing it on full moon day and no moon day. Kindly suggest some tantra/mantra to me.

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