Mantra Sadhana


My Guru always insists me to follow Niyama (Discipline) in life. Strict discipline should be followed throughout the Mantra Sadhana period.

Mantra Sadhana or Siddhi also requires strict discipline. Usually, Mantra deeksha (initiation) is given by Guru. If a person does not have any Guru, then he/she can select a small mantra of any Sowmya (peaceful) Devata or Deva and can follow the below discipline.

Simple and effective Niyama (discipline) for Mantra Sadhana:

1. Select the Timings for Mantra chanting in the early morning preferably between 4 am to 6.30 am.
2. Select the Number of Days to be chanted preferably 48 days i.e. one mandala.
3. Select the Mantra repetitions (Japa numbers) to be chanted i.e. 108 times or multiples of it.
4. Select the appropriate place to sit for mantra chanting.
5. Should follow a strict diet (limited intake of food).
6. Sit on a Darba grass mat or on a Cloth mat (white color) at the selected Time and Place facing east. While chanting mantra, you should keep your spine erect. People can select their comfortable sitting posture like padmasana etc.
7. Do the Mantra chanting at the selected time, daily with the selected Mantra count i.e. 108 or multiples of it.
8. Never change the time, place, sitting posture and mantra count at any cost.
9. After completion of the Mantra chanting for 48 days, do the pooja to Mantra Devata or Deva with full faith.

Note: The above Niyama is for simple mantras only. Do not select Ugra Devata mantras without Guru.


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