Ganesha Mantras

VinayakaGanesha Mantras are the powerful mantras to remove obstacles and get success in life. Ganesha is the first deity to be worshiped before starting any activity / auspicious function.

I would like to mention some easy and effective mantras of Ganesha out of several mantras. While chanting mantras, it is necessary to concentrate on Ganesha.

The below mentioned mantras are powerful. First chant the Vigneswara Mantra and chant the Ganesha mantra any number of times. The Mantras as follows:

  1. Vigneswara Mantra for Removal of Obstacles
Suklaambaradharam vishnum sasivarnam chaturbhujam |
Prasannavadhanam dhyayet sarva vignoopasaantaye |
Agajaanana padmaarkam gajaananamaharnisam |
Anekadam tam bhaktaanaam ekadantam upaasmahe|
Vakratunda mahaakaaya kotisooryasamaprabha|
Nirvignam kuru me deva sarvakaaryeshu sarvadaa|

2. Ganesha Mantra for Success

om gam ganapathaye namah

Ganesha in Astrology: Ganesha represents planet Ketu in Navagrahas. So praying to ‘Ganesha’ means pleasing ‘Ketu’. The malefic effects of Ketu in the birth chart gets minimized by chanting Ganesh Mantra.

Procedures to be followed for Chanting the Mantras:

  1. Take bath before sitting for Chanting. Morning time is the most preferable time.
  2. Sit comfortably on a Mat or on white cloth facing east or north direction for more effectiveness.
  3. Repeat Mantra for 108 times. Repetition of Mantra can be increased according to your convenience.
  4. Your devotion and concentration on God is more important than the number of repetition of mantras.

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