What is Pitru Dosha?

What is Pitru Dosha / Pitra Dosha?

Pitru means Ancestors/forefathers. Pitru Dosha is formed due to the sins committed by ancestors. If a person has Pitru Dosha, it means that their Ancestors might have committed sins/crimes knowingly or unknowingly. Pitru Doshas can be seen from the Horoscope of a person.

How can I know my Pitra Dosha?

You can know Pitru Dosha through Astrology

Afflicted Sun with Rahu
Sun in 9th House with Saturn
Saturn in 9th House with a Malefic Planet
Afflicted 9th House or 9th House lord by Malefic Planets such as Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn

The effects of Pitru Doshas are as follows:

  1. Father may die at Early Age
  2. No proper understanding between Father & Son
  3. The person may stay away from Family
  4. Progeny Problem (Child Birth)
  5. Frequent Health Problems for Children
  6. Ancestral Property disputes
  7. Physical / Mentally retarded persons in the family
  8. Psychological problems
  9. No Growth in life

What are the Remedies for Pitru Dosha?

Persons having Pitru Dosha in their Horoscopes can do the following Remedies to pacify ancestors

  1. Pitru Tarpanam for a Paksha (15 days / 15 Tithis) during the Tithi of the person’s death
  2. Doing Pitru Tarpanam or Shradh during Pitru Paksha (16 days). Pitru Paksha is a 16 day period dedicated to deceased ancestors. It culminates on Mahalaya Amavasya.
  3. Doing Pitru Tarpanam or Pitru Shradh on Mahalaya Amavasya every year
  4. Cooking the favourite food of ancestors on Mahalaya Amavasya and offering it to them.
  5. Feeding Crows with Rice mixed with sesame seeds on Amavasya days
  6. Watering a Banyan Tree regularly
  7. Help the poor and needy especially old age people

Performing Pitru Tarpanam / Shradh or doing Pitru Paksha poojas is a karmic debt. It should be performed with great respect for ancestors/forefathers. For any clarifications,

please comment or email to Astrologer Suresh Kumar.

pitru paksha / pitru dosha

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  1. sanjeev.pandey

    Rahu + Shani in 2nd house of Cancer Lagna – is it falling in category of Pitri dosha
    Moon + Mars + Mercury + Venus in 9th house of Cancer Lagna – is it falling in category of Pitri dosha

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