Best place for Kitchen according to Vastu

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

These Vastu Tips for Kitchen has Guidelines to help you plan your kitchen well. Follow these important guidelines with Do’s and Don’ts to construct your Kitchen based on Vastu Shastra.

A kitchen is the place where you prepare your food. We can also call it the cooking place. Food is a vital source of energy for us. Fire is the main element in Kitchen. We use fire to prepare our Food.

The best place and direction for Kitchen in a Home is the South-East direction according to Vastu. We call the Southeast direction as Agni moola. Planet ‘Venus’ rules this direction. 

The next alternative direction is the North West direction. We call this direction as Vaayu moola and Moon rules this direction.   

Important Vastu Tips for Kitchen

  1. Place Gas Stoves, Cylinders, Ovens, Electric Cookers in the southeast corner of the Kitchen.
  2. The person cooking should face East.
  3. We should place Wash Basins, Drinking Water tank, and Water taps in the North or North-East Direction in the Kitchen.
  4. Place the Refrigerator in the South, West, or North direction of the Kitchen.
  5. You can store the grains, food materials in the West or South, or Southwest direction.

Follow the above 5 Vastu Tips For Kitchen to boost positive energy.

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