Varalakshmi Vratham

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune. Lakshmi is also called as ‘Sri’ and ‘Thiru’ (in tamil). She is the consort of God Vishnu.

Varalakshmi Vratham(Photo Credits: Padma Rekha)

Varalakshmi Vratam

Today is the auspicious day for Varalakshmi vratam. It is celebrated widely in South India to propitiate goddess Lakshmi. This year, Varalakshmi vratam is celebrated on Sravana sukla paksha (Aavani sukla paksha) friday on 28th August 2015, just before a full Moon is the day when she is sought as Varalakshmi – the Lakshmi who grants boons (Varam). Many people do fasting on this day to receive Lakshmi’s grace. The day is dedicated to Vratham or fasting for Varalakshmi.

Lakshmi holds special powers to bless her devotees with energies of well-being and prosperity on this day. She is also known as Ashtalakshmi, for her eight (ashta) qualities that include wealth, learning, fame, pleasure, strength, peace and maintenance of prosperity on Earth.

Lakshmi in Astrology

In astrological terms, Goddess Lakshmi represents planet Venus (sukra).  It is the planet of Wealth, Prosperity,Fortune, Happiness and wellbeing. Hence, praying to Lakshmi with devotion activates the required venus energies in your life.

The general vratam starts with waking up in the early morning, taking bath, cleaning the house and doing pooja to lakshmi.

Steps for Varalakshmi Vratham (Varalakshmi Pooja)

In the early morning, we need to put kolam / rangoli / muggulu / hase at the entrance of the house.

1. Select the pooja area
2. Put a silver plate or plantain leaf
3. Raw rice should be spread flatly on the plate or on leaf

4. Put the kalash (silver pot) on the bed of rice and apply sandalwood paste and kum kum
5. Fill the kalash with rice or water, coins, turmeric, sandalwood paste, betel leaves and nuts.
6. Take a coconut and apply turmeric on it. Take some mango leaves and keep at the mouth of the kalash.
7. Close the mouth of the kalash by putting coconut on it.
8. Image of Goddess Lakshmi is fixed using the turmeric power and sandalwood paste on the coconut.
9. Now Goddess Varalakshmi is ready for pooja.
10. Start pooja with garlanding Lakshmi with flower mala. Offer different kinds of flowers especially Lotus.
11. Naivedhyam should be offered. Payasam made with Rice,Dal and sugar or different kinds of sweets can be offered. Other items like cloth, yellow thread, bangles etc
can be offered according to their traditions.
12. Pray to Lord Ganesh/Vinayaka for the success of vratam
13. Devotees can sing Lakshmi strotras / songs / mantras during pooja and ask for boons. If anybody doesn’t know mantras / slokas, they can pray sincerely. Please note, sincere prayers and devotion is very important to please lakshmi.
14. Do the pooja with Dhoopam (incense sticks / sambrani) , Deepam (Jyoti / ghee light) and finally with Karpooram (camphor)
15. It is good to give tamboolam and prasadam to elder ladies and  married women after pooja is done.
16. Next day after doing the pooja, the kalash can be moved slowly. The rice in the kalash can be mixed in the rice drum of our house and the coconut can be used to do neivedhyam.

Note: The above vratham procedure is general guidance. There may be slight differences in the vratham in different areas.

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