Fate, Freewill and Human Effort

This post is an extension of my earlier post Fate and Freewill. I decided to write this post after my experience with one of my clients.

My experience started with a phone call from my client. She said that “my prediction of her getting a job in a month’s time failed”. Remembering my predictions, I asked, “What is the reason for not getting into the job? Have you applied for jobs through all sources?”

Her reply shocked me. She said that since I had given the prediction of her getting a job in a month, she never consulted or applied for jobs. She thought that she will get the job without any effort.

I can say that “my client had failed my prediction” instead of saying, “my predictions had failed”. There are many things in this world that can be achieved, however, that requires effort from the person.

Astrologers’ job is to guide a client with possible events. An Astrologer cannot take a client to various job consultants or recommend for a job. If my client had applied for various jobs, she might have got a job.

Coming to this post, just a recap of “Fate & Freewill”

What is Fate (Destiny)?

Fate or destiny is inevitable. The occurrence of many events in our life beyond our control is fate or destiny. Human effort plays a minor role.

FateWhat is Freewill?


Freewill is a choice. Freewill is in our hands. We have the freewill to select our friends, spouse, job, business and to buy our favourite car, home, etc. You can choose with your Freewill.

I would like to add another important term i.e. ‘Human Effort’ to Fate & Freewill.

What is Human Effort?

Human effort is the actions of individuals to get what they ‘will’ or ‘want’.

Human effort plays a major role in Freewill and little role in Fate. For Example, if an Astrologer predicts an accident – It is fate. Human effort is not necessary for accidents. Even a person sitting at a bus stop may get injured by others’ actions. Another example is about the disease. If a person is destined to get the disease, it cannot be avoided. Human effort of getting into accident or disease is not necessary.

There are many Freewill Activities like job, marriage, purchasing a house or vehicle and so on.

For example, if your Astrologer predicts your employment (job) in a particular period is favourable. Then it’s your duty to put efforts into applying for jobs through various sources like meeting job consultants, applying for jobs directly or through job portals, etc. (Freewill and Human effort is both playing an important role)

Another example, if the Astrologer predicts your marriage in a particular year. Then, it’s your duty to get ready for marriage. (Freewill is used along with the human effort to get things done)

As I have said in Part 1, Astrology is a divine science. Through your birth chart, an Astrologer predicts your opportunities in freewill. An Astrologer can also tell you about where Fate prevails and man has no choice.

Note: Exceptions are everywhere. Only a few people are destined to get things done at their doorsteps. The Bhagya sthana of such persons will be strong.

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