My respectful obeisance to Goddess Mahakali, Lord Shiva and to my family deity Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, to my Guru, to the nine planets and to Great Sages Parasara Maharshi and Mantreswara.

Astrology (Jyothish Sastra) is the study of nine planets and influences of these planets on our lives. Astrologer predicts your future based on your birth chart prepared using your birth time, date and place. We at Astroguide, committed to predict the most opportune times and obstacles you are likely to face in future apart from offering solutions to overcome them. You can get the astrological guidance for your marriage, business, career, education, children, health and family.

Thirukural Verse 484

One may aim to acquire the whole world and succeed,
If actions are aimed at the right time and place.

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