Lagna is the starting point in your horoscope from which your life and its flow are calculated. There are 12 Rasis in the zodiac comprising 360 degrees and hence each rasi is 30 degrees. All these 12 Rasis rises in the east one by one in a whole day of 24 hours. So approximately each rasi rise in the east every 2 hours.

The rasi which rises in the east at the time of your birth is your Lagna.

Lagna decides your mind, temperament, luck, prosperity, health, brain, and energy to get things done. Your character and your mental setup are all characterized by your Lagna only. In short, Lagna is you, your ideas, whether you have the power to drive others, leadership qualities, whether will you become a leader, health, and all aspects of life.

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The general nature of every Lagna is explained here.

MESHA Lagna or ARIES Ascendant

You are frank and outspoken. You are a little bit aggressive. Since your heart is pure and you talk without any reservations in your mind, people will trust you. You are a jovial person and wherever you are, as long as your mood is good, everyone will be happy. You have the nature of attracting everyone, especially the opposite sex. You will be a person with an oscillating mind, which you need to control. You will always have the power to overcome enemies in terms of knowledge and valor. But you are emotionally weak and will have stress in that aspect. The reason is, that you are too good and transparent which will hurt you at times. Since it is owned by the planet Mars, you will always have the fighting spirit.

Concerning health, you may not have major problems. However, you will have a lot of heat generated in your body; hence, it is necessary to eat foods that keep your body cool. It is very important. Since your mind is overactive, you may have problems with the nervous system in old age. This can be controlled by doing yoga, meditation, etc from now on.

On the financial side, you will make more money but you will have less control over saving the money. This will result in a constant requirement for money. Hence you should develop the habit of savings.

On the family side, since you are an affectionate person, your personal life will be very good. If it has problems, mostly it will be because of your temperament and guard against it.

Concerning the profession, it will be one with continuous growth amidst pressure. The reason is that you will think more than action and hence it is advisable to be in the position of mental work than physical. You are strong in administration, controlling, planning, and in executing work from others.

RISHABA Lagna or TAURUS Ascendant

You are a loving person of nature. You love anything artistic. You are emotional. You will have a calm and composed mind. If you become angry, it will be in extremes too. You give more importance to people than anything else. You will be sincere, honest, and dedicated in life. You will love to travel, see the cultures of people and will like to spend every second enjoyable. Before doing any work, you will have the attitude of analyzing more which is a strength at the same time, overthinking even for smaller things will trouble you. You need to correct that. You are not generous but you will do for the needy and poor. You will be an example of real friendship. You could be betrayed but you will never mind that.

You will have sound health throughout your life. Frequently, you will be affected by cold and dust allergies. If not taken proper care of, it will lead to asthma, sinus troubles, and hormonal imbalance. If Venus is strong in your horoscope, you will be blessed with good health.

On the financial side, you will have steady and gradual growth. You will have the habit of saving money for emergencies or the near future. You will acquire assets on your own and you will have the chance of inheritance of properties. If you trust anyone, you will trust fully and because of that, you may lose money for which only you need to be careful.

You will have a very good relationship with your brothers and sisters.

You will have a decent family life. You will always be the one guiding in major decisions of your family. You will give more importance to your family and family members. You will be blessed with brilliant children and your family will be a one of respect and status in society. If Mercury is afflicted, remedial measures have to be done.

In your profession, you are more dedicated, and working for hours together is never a problem for you. Because of this nature, you will shoulder more work even of your co-workers as you are a workaholic. As your mind works strategically, you are ideal for software developments, areas of research, analysis, costing, finance, and physical work involving travel, communication, and in medicine.

MITHUNA Lagna or GEMINI Ascendant

You are practical in this materialistic world. You are good at analyzing where you could make money and with whom to make it. Concerning friendship, you are good enough as long as both the sides of friendship benefit. You will make friends quickly and leave them quickly too. You need to keep a check on it. You will like to travel a lot, learn more and keep your surroundings vibrant. Concerning health, you will not have major problems when your Mercury is strong. You will have a few cold-related troubles and gastric problems. Having control over food habits is essential for you. In terms of family, you are affectionate proportionately and you will do your duties considerably well.

Normally, you will have a good marital life. You may face a love failure in early life but not compulsory. Your marital life will be good and it is better to get the guidance of your well-wishers for it. In financial aspects, you will make enormous money but you will always have more commitments resulting in borrowings and debts. Will be solved if your entire horoscope of yours is seen.

You will always be in a judicial, financial, architect, or government service. You could be a successful businessman or you could shine in public relations and in politics too. It all depends on all the planets in your chart.


You are a person go by nature. You enjoy everything in this world and you will love to contribute more to society. You are a calm and happy person. You will be at your best when you implement things slowly. Often you will take fast decisions and implement and because of that, you may have few clutches.

As the moon is your owner, you can address the masses and attract people. You will be blessed. In relationships, you would like to have long-term relationships, but, there could not be a balance.

You will have sound health generally but you will be disturbed mentally frequently and because of that you may have tensions, blood pressure, and even diabetes. You need to control your mind to control your health.

You will have a good family life but still, you may have inner desires also which may create friction in the family. On the financial side, you will always lead a life with fulfilled commitments. Since you grow continuously, you will have an unexpected shortfall of money at times. This could be sorted out by seeing your chart.

In your career, you are more sincere and dedicated. People around you will make use of you and you will not bother much with it as your goals are always long-term. You could be successful in public relations, police, army, lawyer, marketing, and in hr management. You could be successful in business provided you have more patience in action. You will make others good in business but when comes to your own, you will have slight problems which need to be sorted.

SIMHA Lagna or LEO Ascendant

You are a person with straight forward nature. You will have reservations in every aspect of life. You will be choosy in friendship and you will have long-term friends generally. You will be sincere to everyone as long as they are sincere. You will not talk much but every talk of yours will carry value with quality in communication. You are strongly individualistic and hence you will have a mark in life.

Health-wise, you may face problems with stomach disorders and stomach-related malfunctions that could trouble you.

In family life, you will be very adaptable and you will have a perfect life. If Saturn is afflicted or any other position of the planets is not favourable, remedial measures are required.

On the financial side, you are a good economist. You will save more despite your huge commitments. That is your specialty. You will acquire properties on your own and lead a considerably good life.

In your career, you will stick on to the job sincerely and you will think on a longer platform for growth.

Since you value self-respect more, you will always finish your tasks successfully. The most unfortunate aspect is that it will not be rewarded for which your horoscope will yield a solution.

KANYA Lagna or VIRGO Ascendant

You are a person with more love and affection. You will lead a life with many genuine friends and that will be your basic strength. You are a deep thinker, who analyzes the various aspects of life and since your thought process takes more time, your action part will be limited, but it will be firm. You will have a very good personal life and if there are any problems, they could be rectified by seeing your horoscope.

Generally, you will not have any major health problems, but over the years, as you become old, you may have a few surgeries or operations which could be avoided by regular habits in early life.

Financially, you know how to make money. You will make more financial gains in life than others but still as you love nature, beauty, and related things, you will also spend more.

You will have a beautiful life partner and he or she could dominate you, only for the welfare of your family, and I believe nothing wrong with it, you could adjust and be flexible.

Regarding your career, yours will have more travel or with a consultancy like auditing, accounts and with any sort of facilitating works in art, construction, jewelry and in Software. But you may have fluctuations in your career which requires proper guidance.

THULA Lagna or LIBRA Ascendant

You are calm and a conservative person. You love everything beautiful and you talk less with powerful communication. You have the habit of taking decisions in a confused way and often get into things complicated.

You are good at giving solutions to others, but when it comes to your own life, you will miss your perfect decision and hence you need to take your well-wishers directions, mostly your life partner.

You will be selective in choosing friends and once started believing, there is no full stop for it.

In health, you may have problems connected to digestion and heat-related troubles mainly. Proper food habits are necessary.

On the financial side, mostly you will spend less on yourself and more on your family and then friends. You will have slow and steady earnings and will elevate to higher positions in life periodically.

On the personal side, you will have a caring life partner, but at times, your partner may become restless as you are a little bit slow in your actions when compared to your life partner. Nothing can be done to change this balance, However, in your life, major changes will happen only after your marriage.

In your career, you could be in Finance, Marketing, Consumer industry, and anything in terms of consultancy, liaisons, etc and you will be successful in it. You can be successful in developing ideas, strategies, foreign relations, etc

VRISCHIKA Lagna or SCORPIO Ascendant

You are an extrovert and want to achieve everything in the shortest possible time. You are with energy and action. You can make others work for you. You will always have higher ambitions in life and most of your Lagna people will accomplish them. If there are any hindrances, it could be because of the influence of other planets, your dasa which could be avoided by expert consultation.

You will not have any health hazards mainly. Your mind is the one that controls your body and you need to have a calm mind which you may not have.

Financially, you will be wealthy and you will have your assets and amass huge wealth through your efficiency and smart work

On the personal side, you may face problems from your life partner quite often for which patience is very important to you. If the position of Venus is good, then you don’t have to worry.

Your career could be mostly with construction, architecture, Government, related works, or in foreign lands.
In whichever field you are, you will have considerable growth than others.


You are a bold person, dominating and strongly individualistic thinking and action. You will always strive toward perfection and often expect the same from others. This leads to problems for you on many occasions. You are an expert solution provider and basically, you will know various aspects of life.

In terms of your health, minor gas-related troubles might come and in your later ages, you need to check to avoid diabetes and chronic disease. If your Jupiter is strong, you will not have major health troubles.

On the family side, even though you project as if you are a little hard, actually you are an affectionate and loyal person. It is difficult to understand you as you always don’t express your feelings. You will have a good life but frequent quarrels will come and go in your family life. Not necessary to take it seriously.

Financially, you will keep growing but still, you will not have strong control over it. If your income grows additionally, your commitment grows in multiplication. Hence, you will always have tensions that could be sorted out fully, if we analyze your birth chart.

In your career, you are extremely devoted and sincere. You are a person with strong goals and motives in your profession and you will always have a reputation. But, sticking on in one organization for so many years is not possible for you mostly, the reason being you always like to see various situations and earn knowledge.

MAKARA Lagna or CAPRICORN Ascendant

You are a person with strong willpower and you can achieve whatever you wanted in your life. You are not a deep thinker, but you will think based on the works which have come to you. You are a little bit lethargic also.

In health, you will have problems related to cold and wind. Take care of it. If your Saturn is strong, you don’t have to worry, or else, it is required to take astrological guidance.
Since you are highly affectionate, your life and family will be filled with happiness. However, there are possibilities of extramarital affairs and you should avoid those problems in your family life. You will have steady growth in life and you will acquire everything to be a good householder.

In your career, you could do well in marketing, consumer, and computer industry, as a good architect, interior decorator, and in jewelry. You will be successful in areas of art, beauty, and areas of ultra-modern requirements. You may not have speedy growth in your career for which astrological support might be necessary.

KUMBHA Lagna or AQUARIUS Ascendant

You will love nature, beauty, and art in life. You are a bit slow in actions if your Mars becomes weak. If Mars is strong, you will be a go-getter. You always believe growth is there in building relationships with people. You are like a turtle in the turtle rabbit race and you will win.

In health, when you become old, you may have joint pains, dust allergies, and breathing troubles. Enough precautions are necessary at early ages of life.

In the family, you will be the center. You do more for your family, your brothers and sisters irrespective of their attitudes. You will have a moderate family life and nothing to worry about. If your Sun or Jupiter is placed in negative houses, delays in marriage or trouble in marital life may arise. It’s better to solve it if required.

Career life will always be good and as your expectations are only to the level of your actions, you will not have problems. You could be in the field of real estate, construction, fire, heat, medicine, and positions in the government or politics too. In art and culture also, you will do well.

MEENA Lagna or PISCES Ascendant

You are enthusiastic, energetic, and always active. You have a mind with impulsive and restless nature. Since you will have more energy on the physical and mental planes, you will have bigger expectations and will want to register your name in history. You could not digest failures. On the whole, you are an agent for the development of society and in the areas of your operation.

In health, you may not have bigger problems. If certain planets are not well placed, you may have digestive and heart-related troubles for which solutions are necessary.

You will have a very good life before and after marriage. If Venus is not well placed you might have a slight disturbance in your life. Generally, you will be blessed with a good partner and children. You will own more assets.

Financial control is what you lack, at one time, you have more flow of funds and at another, you will be left with nothing. Savings are necessary especially for you.

You will be a star performer in your work. Normally, you are lucky in your career. You could be in administration, judges, civil service, Finance and in consultancy, or Marketing.

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