Shape of Square, Rectangle Plots

Vastu for Plots – Shapes and their Effects

Vastu for Plots is the Vaastu Sastra about the shape of a plot and what effect it can have on the occupant.

Our Dream Home starts with the selection of a Good Plot. A Plot should be in good Shape to give good results to the residents in the House. Most of the people think that Vaastu Expert is not necessary in buying a Plot. But, in reality, even a small mistake in selecting a right plot leads to many problems for the Buyer. I request my Readers to take necessary care in evaluating the Plot according to the rules mentioned in our Vaastu Sastra.

Shapes of Plots And their Effects

There are different Shapes of Plots available in the market like Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle, Oval, Hexagon, Octagon etc. Out of it, Rectangle and Square Plots are most Auspicious.

The Square and Rectangle Plots are generally more Auspicious.

The following images shows the Shapes of Plots and their Effects.

Shape of Square, Rectangle Plots
Shape of Oval, Triangle Plots

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