Vaastu Sastra – Introduction

In this series, I will be giving an introduction to Vaastu Sastra.
Vaastu Sastra deals with architecture and construction of houses, buildings, temples and other public places. In olden days, Vaastu Sastra was widely used for constructing Temples and King’s palaces.
Vaastu Sastra is a science to balance five elements i.e. Pancha Boothas. This Sastra is based on Five elements, Directions and Nava grahas.
Five Elements (Pancha Boothas) are as follows:
1. Fire (Agni)
2. Earth (Prithvi)
3. Air (Vaayu)
4. Water (Jal)
5. Space (Ether or Akash)
Directions: There are 8 directions in Vaastu Sastra. They are as follows:
1. North (Uttar / Vadakku)
2. South (Dakshin/ Therku)
3. East (Purva / Kizhaku / Thoorpu)
4. West (Paschima / Merku / Padamara)
5. North East (Eesanya)
6. North West (Vaayu)
7. South East (Agneya)
8. South West (Nairuti)

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