Nine Incarnations of Lord Vishnu and Nine Planets

Nine Incarnations of Lord Vishnu and Nine Planets are related to the Nine forms that Lord Vishnu took to represent the nine planets.

Being always curious to find out the secrets of our ancient scriptures and epics, I spent time reading through them.

Great epics like Bhagavadgeeta, Mahabharata, and Ramayana, became my constant companions when I wanted to study about how our ancestors thought and carried themselves. Though it is very difficult to gather everything from these epics, I am able to get the answers to my queries.

Coming to my subject of interest, Astrology, I found myself thinking and mind revolving around nine planets and 27 stars. Lord Vishnu took nine forms to represent nine planets according to great sage Parashara.

The below table shows the nine incarnations of Lord Vishnu related to nine planets.

Planet Planets(Graha) Incarnations (Avatar)
1 Sun Rama
2 Moon Krishna
3 Mars Narasimha
4 Mercury The Buddha (Balarama)
5 Jupiter Vaamana
6 Venus Parasu Rama
7 Saturn Koorma (Tortoise)
8 Rahu Varaha (Pig/boar)
9 Ketu Matsya (Fish)

For the video, please check my video on Nine Avatars and Nine Planets

Number 7 and Number 9 are important numbers in astrology as well in our life. Number 7 for seven planets and Number 9 for seven planets plus two nodes (Rahu and Ketu)

Importance of Number 7 (Seven planets)

7 = Seven days throughout the world. Each planet represents a day i.e. Sunday (sun), Monday (Moon), Tuesday (Mars), Wednesday (Mercury), Thursday (Jupiter), Friday (Venus) and Saturday (Saturn). Since Rahu and Ketu do not own any house in our horoscope, they may not be given a special day.

7 = Seven great Rishis (Sages) called Sapta Rishis.

7 = Seven colors are known as Rainbow.

Considering the importance of Rahu and Ketu (two nodes), these were considered as planets by our sages. Hence, total planets became 9 planets.

Total Planets = Seven planets + Two nodes i.e. Rahu and Ketu (These nodes are considered as planets) = 9 planets

Many people consider number nine as lucky. This is the reason why people spend more money on getting the number 9 (Number 9 or at least the total number should be nine) as registration number for their cars/motor vehicles.

We can know the importance of Number 9 by studying the below details also.

9 = There are nine planets
9 = 27 Nakshatras (2+7=9)
9 = The Japa mala contains 108 beads (1+0+8=9).
9 = Ashtottaram (Ashtottaram means 108 i.e.1+0+8=9
9 = Sahasranaamaarchana (1+0+0+8=1008)
9 = Durga navrathri
9 = Lord Rama born in Navami
9 = Lord Vishnu took nine avatars (incarnations)except Kalki avatar
9 = Nine gems
9 = Ninth house in our horoscope represents Fortune (Bhagya sthana)
9 = Mother carries her baby for 9 months in her womb.

and the list goes on…..

There are nine forms of Lord Narasimha which can be discussed in my next post.

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