How to Read a North Indian Horoscope (Kundli)

North Indian Horoscope (kundli) looks like Diamond shaped horoscope and South Indian Horoscope looks like a Square shaped horoscope.
The below picture shows both North Indian and South Indian horoscopes.


                     North Indian Horoscope                                     South Indian Horoscope
north and south indian chart
The main differences between North Indian Horoscope and South Indian Horoscope are as follows:
1. Rasis are fixed in South Indian Horoscope, whereas Rasis are moved in North Indian Horoscope according to Lagna / Ascendant.
2. South Indian Horoscope is read in clock wise direction and North Indian Horoscope is read in anti clock wise direction.
For preparing the Horoscope, we need Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth of the person. We can make the Horoscope manually with Panchanga (Almanac) or can be made with Astrology software available. After preparing the Horoscope, we can follow the below steps to start reading.
Basic Steps in Reading the North Indian Horoscope:
I. Find out the Ascendant / Lagna in the Horoscope
Lagna / Ascendant is denoted by a Number. In the above horoscope, Lagna is denoted by No.8.
What is No.8?
No.8 is the Rasi number according to Kalapurusha Rasi signs. There are 12 rasi signs. It starts from Aries as No.1
The following is the list of Rasis and its numbers in order:
1.  Aries (Mesha)
2.  Taurus (Rishaba)
3.  Gemini (Mithuna)
4.  Cancer (Karkataka(
5.  Leo (Simha)
6.  Virgo (Kanya)
7.  Libra (Thulam)
8.  Scorpio (Vrischika)
9.  Sagittarius (Dhanus)
10. Capricorn (Makara)
11. Aquarius (Kumbha)
12. Pisces (Meena)
So, No.8 denotes Scorpio. Hence, the native belongs to Scorpio Lagna. The diamond shaped place denoted by No.8 always remains lagna, irrespective of any number.  For example: If this diamond shaped place is denoted by No.7 , then the lagna would be Libra and so on.
II. Find out the Moon’s position in the Rasi house.
In the above chart, Moon is placed in No.3 triangle shaped place. So, the Rasi is Gemini (Mithuna) rasi.
III. Find out the Planets placed in each rasi and in each house.
Now, let us read the below sample horoscope (Rasi Chart) of the person born on 12th Nov, 2014
Time: 8.15 AM Place: Chennai
north indian horoscope
(As – Ascendant Ve – Venus, Sa – Saturn, Ma – Mars, Me – Mercury, Su – Sun, Mo – Moon, Ju – Jupiter,        Ra – Rahu, Ke – Ketu)
Ascendant is placed in No.8 House. No.8 house becomes Scorpio. Hence – The native’s Ascendant/Lagna is Scorpio. Lagna is the First House i.e. Scorpio.
Venus is placed in Scorpio i.e. in First House
Saturn is placed in Scorpio i.e. in First House
Mars is placed in Sagittarius i.e. in Second House
Ketu is placed in Pisces i.e. in Fifth House
Moon is placed in Gemini  i.e. in Eight House (Native belongs to Gemini Rasi)
Jupiter is placed in Cancer i.e. in Ninth House
Rahu is placed in Virgo i.e. in Eleventh House
Mercury is placed in Libra  i.e. in Twelfth House
Sun is placed in Libra  i.e. in Twelfth House
Note: No planet is placed in 3,4,6,7 and 10th houses.

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  1. Sir,

    I have moon placed in 7 house but 3 number is written in it. Do I have KemDrum yog in my kundali ? I don’t have any planets before and after Moon in D1 chart.

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        1. I do not explain about Birth chart thru email or online. I discuss about birth charts in my astrology classes only. Thanks for understanding.

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