Main Door Entrance according to Vaastu

Vaastu tips for Main Door Entrance (Front door)

Main Door is also called as Simha Dwaaram. The auspicious directions for Main Door entrance is very important. The starting point for Home Vaastu is the Main Door Entrance.

The following points should be noted about the Main Door:

1. Main Door should be the largest door when compared to all other doors in the house. This the reason why the Main door is called as Simha Dwaaram.
2. Main door should be open inwards.
3. North and East facing Main Doors are highly auspicious. However, there are other directions also, that are auspicious depending upon one’s horoscope strength.

Note: The total layout or area should be divided into 9×9 grid to locate the right direction / place for Main Door. All the eight directions should be located and marked on the layout / area. Then, the right direction can be selected from the help of below picture. Auspicious directions for Main door are indicated in the colored blocks and it is shown by arrow marks.  

The following picture shows the auspicious Main Door Entrance from various Directions.

N – North, S – South, E – East, W – West, NE – North East, SE – South East, SW – South West, NW – North West

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